New Mobile Game Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos by Machine Zone

New Mobile Game Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos by Machine Zone

Fans of strategy games in the fantasy genre should pay attention to the novelty - Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos. Machine Zone has managed to implement in a mobile game large-scale battles with enemies and elaborate storyline, resource gathering and team game mode. Only the chosen few will be able to lead the empire. 

Fans of the game will get to know the magical world, meet familiar characters and be able to expand the established boundaries. The game was released on February 14 worldwide. Residents of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia were able to see the game back in March 2022. 

In the new release of the game the developers changed the system of tasks for hunters. Due to this, the task of the players will include the collection of hunting messages. For this will be issued tokens Loki, which can be used to exchange for various items. The features of the mobile game also include:

  • the creation of a kingdom is done at the stage of selecting a character;
  • it is possible to travel to other empires to gather resources and create a strong army;
  • the course of the game depends on the developed strategy;
  • there are two formats to choose from: you can create your own guild or join the already experienced players;

Despite the fact that it is a strategy game, the developers emphasized the dynamic combat system. It is implemented in the style of Japanese role-playing games. In the course of battles in the smallest details the battles of the heroes with the opponents are displayed. As soon as the hero's special abilities are charged, he will be ready for battle again. 

In the novelty, events unfold in a typical course. In fact, players will have missions to complete. With each level, the player will progress further along the storyline and thus discover new content. Also, the game will please with new characters, which will differ in skill set. 

At the beginning of the game will be only 4 characters, but gradually their list will be expanded. Pay attention to the combat system. Battles in the game do not require the player's participation. You will only need to select a team of 5 warriors and activate the special set of skills. 

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is a brilliant example of how Japanese RPG-game can be combined with strategy elements. As the developers manage to keep the interest to the game with every addition, the saga will most likely continue. 

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