Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is already available on mobile devices

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is already available on mobile devices

Yungchang Game developers have presented a new product on the global market - Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. If previously the mobile slasher was only available in China, now users from any corner of the world can install it on their phone. 

The game is a continuation of the acclaimed series, so the developers of Yungchang Game have presented a novelty - Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat. Available to users from every corner of the world. Some users will be familiar with its concept and gameplay. For newcomers let's make a small review. So, in the course of the game will have to manage the team. It includes 3 characters, where each has a different role and skill set. Different enemies always appear unexpectedly, so you have to be ready for battle.

Each hunter is assigned different talents. In addition, they are assigned different weapons. If you use it effectively, the chances of winning multiply.

Novelty managed to combine the fighting style and innovative technology. Separately worth noting unique characters and weapons. The game is perfect to demonstrate your strategic skills. This is facilitated by the abundance of battles and battles. They will follow the players at every step.

At the same time, the battles can also be called original. The opponents will be different monsters, demons and rebels. Such colorful opponents will not just give up the victory, so the players will have to try hard. With each victory in the battles, the combat experience of the heroes will be richer and more diverse. 

The game also has a place for classic characters and scenes. For example, fans of the series will recognize the Boss. It is worth paying tribute to the developers. They managed to 100% recreate the mystical atmosphere and think it through to the smallest detail. 

Let's talk briefly about the storyline as well. It has a number of similarities with the previous game of the series. Thus, Dante was chosen as the main character of the slasher. It is not just a young man, but half-demon-half-angel in human form. During the whole game Dante will have to fight with demons, using a melee weapon. He will be helped by other characters, but we won't tell about it in details, so as to keep the intrigue. 

The game is based on 3D engine, so the console level HD graphics will be a definite advantage. This will give the players the opportunity to fully appreciate the benefits of novelty and immerse themselves in the plot. Dynamic and at the same time unexpected battles will also add a specific note to the impression of the game. 

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