What's the best thing to wear to the casino?

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A casino is called a club and it has its own rules, from the very first gambling establishment there is a dress code that must be met in order to be allowed into the establishment and not feel uncomfortable.

General rules

Rules that are relevant to anywhere in the world and that guarantee you a pass to the walls of the casino:

  • Full outerwear - in a swimsuit you will definitely not be allowed anywhere and you will not be able to visit the casino.
  • No sleeves - short or no sleeves will add to the credibility of your person at the face control.
  • Shorts/skirt below the knee - in hot climates it is not comfortable to be in pants, but the limits of decency oblige to close the legs to the knee.

Dress code in a modern casino

Now the rules of dress code in casinos are much more relaxed and you can get there without spending a few thousand dollars to buy an expensive suit or dress.


Tips for women

Give greater preference to closed clothing and elegant accessories - this will greatly increase the chances of passing the face control.

The most economical option is a simple dress or casual jumpsuit for a slightly more clubby style. Another option would be a pencil skirt and blouse as an inexpensive interpretation of business style. Because of relaxed dress code rules, almost anything will do, but we don't recommend you wear t-shirts from unknown brands or synthetic fabrics.

Combine your chosen style with ballet flats or low-heeled shoes - this way you will be comfortable, it is not so expensive, but elegant. We do not recommend wearing sneakers, unless from expensive brands.

Excellent laifhaki will be the use of any jewelry: pendants, pendants, bracelets or earrings in the form of rings that catch the eye. Their presence will create the appearance of having a sufficient amount of money, which means that face control will allow you to play in the casino and you will not feel uncomfortable from others. Among other things, use a carry-on or handbag that matches with other elements of your clothing.

Tips for men

You should pick something without long sleeves - they can cause suspicion of a cheat card game or the desire to switch dice.

Preference in the choice of closet should be given to the business style: a three-piece suit will be the standard, but a double with a tie is also suitable, but a polo shirt combined with pants or jeans will do, but give preference to natural fabrics, as synthetics and tracksuits look vulgar and inadmissible.

As shoes choose shoes or sneakers - closed shoes are considered more presentable, in turn, open shoes - inadmissible in the walls of the casino, especially without socks.

Take advantage of lifehacks in the selection of quality cologne and jewelry: a ring, chain or a good watch.

All this will make you a welcome guest in the casino, which will not stand out from the crowd and you can quietly touch the atmosphere of the gambling establishment.

The results of the choice of clothing

The preference is still the choice of business attire, but even its absence will not be a strong restriction in most establishments of the world.

The secret lifehack will be a simple rental of an average suit, which will cost less than a hundred dollars, and the passage into the walls of the casino establishment will be guaranteed.

We present our table with general recommendations for choosing clothes for visiting casinos:

Recommendations for women

Recommendations for men

Evening dress, allowed neckline, suitable and various blouses with pants or a long skirt.

A short sleeve shirt with jeans or pants will be a great option.

Use perfume, manicure and pedicure (if going to the casino in heels) from the mid-price segment.

A nice cologne and even the most basic nail and hair care will increase the chances of a pass.

Now everyone has the opportunity to visit a gambling establishment offline and spend time pleasantly among other gamblers at a poker table or sitting face to face with a slot machine. Take advantage of our flyhacks and follow the rules of the dress code, so that you are allowed into the casino and you do not feel uncomfortable being in its walls.

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