What happens if an online casino game hangs?

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Gamblers around the world are faced with the problem of hanging slot machines when playing in online casinos, deal with what it is associated with, what happens when it happens and how to deal with this phenomenon.

What causes game freezes?

It can be caused by a few different things:

  • Technical work on the server - sometimes, physical servers can be maintained but not shut down, this can cause crashes and/or outages, or work is being done to the server code.
  • Connection problems - the ISP tower may be under the influence of a magnetic field or simply outdated.
  • Poor quality VPN service - the use of free software to connect via VPN can lead to unstable connection to the online casino servers and cause failures.
  • Hacker attack on the casino - attackers may try to overload the casino servers, conducting a DDOS attack and thus preventing gamblers from playing.

High online - in prime time online can reach its peak and cause malfunctions in the work of any slots, perhaps now streaming one of the bloggers is the same slot machine and his subscribers go to it, and the software from the provider is weak to cope with such a load on the server.


What happens to your bet when online casino crashes?

If you made a bet in a slot machine, then your balance is charged the amount of this bet, but there is a failure and the machine hangs.

There is nothing to worry about - your bet is not going anywhere, it is settled immediately as the funds are written off, which means that if you wrote off your bet, but the money on your account did not return - the spin was a loss, if some money returned or multiplied - then the bet won and played you in the plus.

Ways to solve the problem of hanging game in online casinos

All of the above problems have their own solution, which can be combined for a higher probability of solving the problem:

The cause of the problem



Technical work on the server

Contact tech support, they should have an answer when the work will be finished.

From 1 hour to 24 hours

Bad connection

Try rebooting the router, if such failures are regular and not only with online casinos, then we recommend changing internet provider

From 5 minutes to 30 minutes

Poor quality VPN service

Change your VPN service to a paid or better quality free, or better yet - just install the casino application (taking only 2 minutes).

From 1 hour

Hacker attack

Contact tech support, they will tell you exactly what causes failures, but in the case of hacker attack - only waiting.

From 15 minutes to 24 hours

Prime time

Change your online casino game time to an hour later or earlier, or simply change the slot machine.

From 10 minutes to 1 hour

Installing the application will help in several cases:

  • If your connection through the router starts to fail - you can easily switch to mobile internet and vice versa.
  • You will no longer need aVPN service.
  • Technical work on the site - will not affect you, because the connection with the casino servers will be directly.

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