Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2023 the most awaited cyber gaming event

Prague Gaming & TECH Summit 2023 the most awaited cyber gaming event

Fans of cyber gaming are looking forward to Prague Gaming & TECH Summit. Its success is guaranteed, as the organizers managed to unite the most interested parties of the industry this time. The emphasis is not only on panel discussions, but also on interaction with the audience. We will tell you about that a little later.

The event was held from March 29 to 30 in Prague. For this purpose, the following location was chosen - the Andel House in Vienna. Players had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the program in advance, as well as to register as a spectator.

At the summit for the discussions, according to the program, was planned about 17 themes, but in practice there were more. As noted by the audience, it was possible to listen to about the gambling industry of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other Eastern European countries. In this case, the main emphasis was on the discussion of how to develop blockchain technology and how to help quantum computing in the marketing of the meta universe.

The set of speakers also impressed the players. There were 75 of them in all, including such well-known figures as Jose Uribe, the head of All-in Global's innovation department and Coeur Osborne, the vice-president of a large gambling company, Inspired Entertainment.

On location during the show, registered viewers had the opportunity to explore the future and enter the meta universe through virtual reality glasses. Issues discussed in detail during the summit included:

  • Whether the regulatory requirements for cyber gaming are being met;
  • How to combine cyber sports and blockchain;
  • whether artificial intelligence will affect the development of the industry;
  • how relevant is the development of financial technology;
  • how virtual, augmented or mixed reality can be applied in cyber gaming.

These topics were not simply presented in the form of reports. They were presented at a panel discussion where the opinions of the top industry experts could be heard. Prague Gaming & TECH summit still remains popular among fans of cyber gaming. Proof of this is the solid number of visitors and requests for participation from experts.

The issues brought up for discussion remain relevant for more than a year in a row. Therefore, with 99% probability next year the theme of discussion will be the same. However, the list of experts will change, which means that we will learn something new.

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