Pragmatic Play and Ecobet collaborate to increase the reach of bingo games

Pragmatic Play and Ecobet collaborate to increase the reach of bingo games

Pragmatic Play, a popular provider of slot machines, is actively developing in a new direction - bingo. Now there are only 10 games in this category, but we think that soon the catalog will be replenished with novelties. The reason for this is the unexpected cooperation between Pragmatic Play and Ecobet. Now we will tell you what players should expect from it.

Pragmatic Play and Ecobet: Why Bingo?

The developer Pragmatic Play is well known not only for slots, but also for classic table and card games, and even live games with dealers. Bingo was chosen as one of the development vectors a few years ago. Now in the provider's portfolio you can find such variations of this game:

  • Diamond Puzzle
  • Reels Room
  • Key Features
  • Bingo Blast
  • Rock N Swing

Pragmatic Play's partnership with Ecobet is a great opportunity to increase the reach of bingo games. Given their easy integration, not only the provider will benefit, but also the Ecobet casino. It is focused on South American countries, which opens up new horizons for the company. Such cooperation will bring results for both parties:

  • For Pragmatic Play, it is an opportunity to expand the audience in new markets, to increase the reach of bingo games. At the same time, the number of bets in the games will increase, which means the profit will be higher.
  • For Ecobet it is a chance to attract an audience that appreciates Pragmatic Play games. In parallel, there are more new users, more deposits and bets and higher final casino profits.

The provider continues to expand the categories of games that are so beloved by players in South America, including Ecuador. Since Pragmatic Play offers a multi-vertical portfolio that is integrated through a single API, Ecobet's catalog may soon include not only bingo but other games as well.

Our opinion on the integration of the brands

The cooperation between Pragmatic Play and Ecobet is a prime example of how two popular brands in different regions can benefit from each other. As Pragmatic Play is actively expanding into new markets, Ecobet, the leading casino in South America, is ideally suited for this.

The integration of brands will not only allow to expand the audience and attract new players. For each of the companies, such cooperation means additional profits and new opportunities. Therefore, it would not be surprising if Pragmatic Play games will soon appear in other Latin American casinos.

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