Marvel Snap wins DICE Awards 2023 «Mobile Game of the Year»

Marvel Snap wins DICE Awards 2023 «Mobile Game of the Year»

The best mobile game of 2023 was the card game Marvel Snap. The competition was fierce, as IMMORTALITY, Diablo Immortal, and Gibbon: Beyond the Trees were also contenders. 15+ different criteria are taken into account in determining the winner

Every year the DICE Awards evaluate the best mobile games. It is a kind of gaming Oscar, because the award includes several nominations like "Best Adventure Game", "Best Simulation Game", "Best Action Game" and others. Additionally, the developers present novelties and make the announcement of the planned developments.

Back to the category winners. Marvel Snap is a card game with the simplest principle of play. To win, you need to gain more power than your opponent. To do this, you have to assemble a deck of 12 cards. There is no opponents and fighting game, but you still have to fight.

Each match takes place on different locations. Their number continues to increase, although at the time of writing has already reached 60. Each location has a unique effect that manifests itself differently. For example, at some locations players should be prepared for penalties, at some locations for an unexpected change in combat conditions.

This gameplay aspect adds unpredictability to Marvel Snap and keeps players constantly on edge. Even if you constantly play with the same deck, you can never guess which location will fall next. The unpredictability also manifests itself in the fact that at the beginning of the match the location is unknown - it opens as soon as the first 3 moves are made.

New locations are released every Thursday. The developers have added another "twist": on Sundays random locations become "hot". This increases the chances of them falling out by 60%. This is important to consider to increase the chances of winning.

If the principle of the game is clear and some players may be familiar, then the graphic design is really impressive. Marvel fans will definitely recognize the different characters here - each of them is implemented in the form of a card. Also in the deck can drop a weapon or a superpower.

Not only the fans of Marvel universe will enjoy the game. This is a great mobile game that emphasizes unpredictable battles, vivid locations and game sequences. You only need to get accustomed to collecting cards and decks.

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