Herbert Lee

Programmer 32

Welcome to Really Spins. I am Herbert Lee - the initiator and leader of the project. In my life there has been a casino in my life for a very long time. This sphere has attracted me since I was a teenager and watched "Casino Royale", "Ocean's Eleven" and other iconic works. The casino is always a special atmosphere. It's a whole separate culture that has always fascinated and enchanted me. Later on, it inspired me to communicate with people who are also into gambling and create common fan projects with them.

I myself have a solid background in the gambling and near-gambling industry, especially online. And I had to face the same problems as other inexperienced players: unsuccessful sites, poor entertainment choices, hidden rules and conditions, insecure players, one-day sites, money losses and more. Then I came to the conclusion that it is possible to play in a casino for free: the same atmosphere and less risk. But it turned out that finding online casinos with free entertainment is even harder.

When it became easier for me to choose the best ones from the huge mass of platforms and I learned to notice the problems of sites that were not obvious to me before, I realized that I wanted to share this information. So that gamblers would learn to choose decent platforms much faster and be able to have fun without risking their own money.

That's how the idea came about to create Really Spins. Here you can study reviews of popular platforms, collect bonuses for free play, find quality applications and just read information to be "in the loop". It is a logical continuation of my hobby and I hope that you will find the platform useful.