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Slotomania is a social online casino with an extensive range of slot machines. The platform attracts not only the possibility to play popular slots from your phone, but also the use of virtual coins for betting. You don't need to replenish your account to play at Slotomania, as the casino offers a number of opportunities to get coins.

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Platform review

Slotomania platform differs from usual casinos in the main principle - the game is played for entertainment purposes only. You can get coins for betting by means of daily bonuses, advancing by levels, joining clubs and advancing by the VIP-program. It is not possible to withdraw their winnings, so players are left to enjoy a variety of games. 

Slotomania Slot Machines

Slotomania has more than 500 slot machines and the catalog continues to be regularly updated with new games. Access to some slots is limited - it will open as soon as the user reaches the desired level. Popular among players are such games:

  • "Rapid Chili";
  • "Medusa Magic";
  • "Big White";
  • "Panda Chi";
  • "Legend of Elements;
  • "King of Gold." 

In some slot machines the jackpot is played - such slots have a special marking. When starting the slot, the user can adjust the stake, choose the number of lines and the format of the reels - manually or automatically. 

If several of the same symbols fall in the same line, the combination is considered a prize and for it the winnings are paid. It is calculated by this formula: bet x symbol multiplier and is immediately credited to the balance. Background information on the slot machine can be found in a separate section. 

It should be noted that in the catalog Slotomania presented only slots. The list of games is updated every two to three weeks. For the game, users gain experience points. Their level depends on them, as well as the player's status in the VIP program. The bigger the bet and the winnings received, the more points you can get. 

Slotocity Levels Road

In the bottom menu of the platform there is a section "Level Road". It shows the road to Slotocity. It consists of 14 stops of sorts - points that provide prizes for completing tasks. At each level they are different:

  1. Play a new slot.
  2. Break the piggy bank to get saved coins.
  3. Win a random prize.
  4. Play a novelty from the catalog.
  5. Break 1 piggy bank for free.
  6. Win a random prize.
  7. Save cards and collect at least 1 set.
  8. Play a new slot.
  9. Increase the prize for completing a level.
  10. Win a random prize.
  11. Compete in Challenges against other players.
  12. Win a new slot.
  13. Get a random prize.
  14. Win a special bonus.

To progress through the levels, you must actively play slots. For each bet the progress bar of the level will increase. A total of 100 levels are provided. Once the player reaches the last level, he will have access to all the slot machines in the catalog. 

The first prize opens at level 10. As the level increases, it becomes more difficult to level up. For reaching a level you get a cash bonus - a fixed amount of coins and experience points. On the Slotomania free coins page you can find out how to get more game currency without investing in free play.

Slotomania game seasons

On the Slotomania platform there is such a concept as a season. This is a period of time with a certain start and end date. Each season provides unique rewards and benefits for players. One season can last from 2 to 4 weeks. In addition to the main seasons, there is also a Dash Season. This includes completing tasks for which points are awarded and rewards are unlocked. 

If you do not take into account the daily Dash tasks, there is also a Super Dash. This is a long-term, but time-limited mission. It is always updated as you complete it. By completing the stages and getting points, they can later be converted into coins for the game. 

There are two types of missions:

  1. Daily. The list of tasks is updated daily. For example, to put 50 thousand coins in the slots.
  2. Supertasks. This is a more complex task, which can not be performed by every player. For example, to make 50 spins in a particular slot. Supertasks are limited in time, but give more points. 

Unlock additional rewards for the current season is possible with Dash Max. Access to it is paid. Pay attention to the Seasonal Safe as well. It adds tokens earned for completing tasks. Unlock the safe can only be purchased Dash Max.

In conclusion, it can be noted that the game seasons Slotomania is a system of daily and special tasks. Their fulfillment gives the opportunity to get lucrative prizes.


SlotoClub is a feature that gives additional benefits during the game. We are talking about such privileges:

  • more experience points;
  • special bonus increased by 50%;
  • daily cashback from losses;
  • 50% more coins in store offers;
  • 50% more coins for purchases with the piggy bank;
  • exclusive slot machines.

To become a member of the club, you must earn 10,000 points. For this you get a pass to the club for 7 days. You can earn points in several ways:

  • Make 300 spins;
  • Reach a level ending in 5 or 0;
  • Collect Lotto Bonus;
  • Collect Mega Bonus;
  • collect Store Bonus;
  • Win the jackpot.

The list of tasks is constantly updated. A player can have 2 active passes at the same time, giving a total of 14 days of membership. Club points after the activation of the pass are converted into tokens. They can be spent on spins in slot machines. 

Download Slotomania app for Android and iOS

Slotomania application can be downloaded on Android and iOS. The software has minimum requirements: version 5.0 for Android and 9.0 for iOS. Download link is presented on our portal. You can also download Slotomania on your phone through the official Google Play and App Store markets. To install the application, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Go to the market from your phone.
  2. Enter "Slotomania" in the search line.
  3. Click on "Download".
  4. Wait until the end of the installation.
  5. Run the program.

Immediately after the launch of the casino, you will be prompted to log in to it. You can do this by linking your Facebook account. Registration on Slotomania allows you to monitor the gameplay and team up. 

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros Cons
Large selection of slot machines Access to additional coins is paid
Level system and VIP program Restrictions to games due to level
Ability to play with friends You can't withdraw your winnings
Variety of bonus options The catalog contains only slots
Constantly updating the catalog with games No special events


Slotomania is not just a platform for playing slot machines. Like similar projects of Playtika (House of Fun, Caesars Slots) it is a social casino where you can interact with other players, complete tasks and missions, get various bonuses and increase your level. The platform differs from other casinos and the approach to the game: you can get coins for betting in different ways absolutely free. 


What bonuses can I get at Slotomania?

The list of promotional offers at Slotomania is huge. Players can get daily bonuses, Lotto, spin the Wheel of Fortune, launch a time bonus or become a member of Playtika Rewards.

What is the Daily Dash?

Daily Dashes are daily tasks within the game seasons. There are prizes for completing them. The tasks are divided into two types: normal and super.

What does the tier system do?

With each new level the player accumulates experience points and unlocks access to special prizes. As the level increases in the system, new slot machines in the catalog are also opened.

Is it possible to team up on Slotomania?

Yes, slot clans are provided for this purpose. There can be no more than 10 players in a clan. Users have to perform daily tasks and earn points for it.

Is there a loyalty program on the platform?

Yes, the casino provides a Playtika Rewards program. Players need to earn experience points for shopping and playing slots. The more points accumulated, the higher the status. There are 7 in total: from Bronze to Black Diamond.

Who will like Slotomania Casino?

Slotomania social casino is an ideal option for users who want to spend time playing slots without chasing the winnings. The pleasure of the game is enhanced by the possibility to perform tasks and play with friends. 

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